Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For July, 2007

Jul 31

iPhone 3rd Party AppAs of the 29th of July the people over at #iphone IRC channel have created the first known 3rd party application for the iPhone.  It just so happens that it is an unauthorized program.  It is a simple program which displays the message, “Hello World” and nothing else.

They have also released the source code for this program.  The binary is available to download and has the community-built toolchain with UIKit.  Not much is known of what the source code can do.

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Jul 30

iFuntastic 2

If you have been wanting to use custom ringtones or switch around the application icons on the screen, the newly released 2.0 version of iFuntastic is for you.  As not having tested this myself, you will be on your own.  By what other users have been saying, this version is more compatible with the iPhone and has a nicer interface.

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Jul 29

Parliant iPhone Visual VMOn Friday the 27th of July 2007, Parliant released its PhoneValet Anywhere service for the Apple iPhone.  Users of the PhoneValet Message Center 5 can upgrade their server for $59.95, to add the new unlimited user version or upgrade for free if you already use PhoneValet Anywhere.

The PhoneValet Message Center is a telephony system designed for the Macintosh and small business.  A phone line connected to a Mac turns it into an entire automated phone center along with interactive voice prompts.  It integrates caller id which routes them to the right user, includes voicemail, transfers people to outside numbers, records calls and manages call logs, along with providing the caller an auto-dialing option.

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Jul 28

Black Hat ConferenceWith the coming Black Hat 2007 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Apple is working overtime to fix several key security flaws found in the iPhone.  With more than 3,000 hackers and government personnel attending, Apple is doing what they can before several flaws are shwon at the conference and the rest of the world.

One iPhone flaw, which was announced Monday by Independent Security Evaluators, showed how crackers could retrieve information from an unpatched iPhone by visiting a rogue Web site.

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Jul 27

iPhone For EuropeApple announced during their third quarter financial results that the iPhone will be released by the fourth quarter of 2007 not the financial fourth quarter.  The fourth quarter ends December 30th. 

The countries that are signaling an iPhone launch are UK, Germany and France.  These are considered to be the major countries at this time.

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Jul 26

Apple Quarter 3 ResultsApple announces that they sold 270,000 iPhones in their third quarter, Q3 financial results call, in the first 30 hours of sales.  Their Q3 ended June 30th.  Apple explained the reason for low activations of only 146,000 iPhones, reported by AT&T, were due to problems in their activation systems.  Apple declined to comment on what their sales were past June 30th.

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