Jul 30

iFuntastic 2

If you have been wanting to use custom ringtones or switch around the application icons on the screen, the newly released 2.0 version of iFuntastic is for you.  As not having tested this myself, you will be on your own.  By what other users have been saying, this version is more compatible with the iPhone and has a nicer interface.

The changes on the iPhone that this allows you to do was once only available to users that knew how to use programming software to go in and edit the iPhone system.  In version one, there was a problem with automatic updates to the iTunes library once installed, but it is unknown if the bug still exists in version 2.

The new version allows you to also change the carrier logo.  The best part to this software is that it’s free to use.  However, you will need an Intel Mac to use it. Via Engadget.

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