Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For July, 2014

Jul 24

Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet
Nokia 2520 Tablet From Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless recently gave me the chance to try out a Nokia 2520 tablet running Windows 8.1 RT, as part of being a VZWBuzz Brand Ambassador. I’m a huge Apple fan but I thought it was time to see what the experience of Windows 8.1 was like on a tablet. Spoiler alert, I liked it!

Nokia Lumia 2520 hands-on at the Microsoft Store
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Jul 19

Gogo More Planes More Coverage
Gogo’s More Planes, More Coverage, More Experience

Ever wonder how fast WiFi on an airplane works? Arguably, the company that’s best in the industry at it is Gogo. I was invited and recently went on an all access tour to see nearly every aspect of how they serve up the Internet at 36,000 ft all day everyday and more importantly for them, now around the world.
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Jul 07

Seattle Space Needle From Chihuly Garden and Glass
Seattle Space Needle From The Chihuly Garden and Glass

Touring inside corporates offices of giant tech firms is a rare adventure. Receive a behind the scenes tour with access to Microsoft’s mobile division, a few top executives and technology roadmaps. I was selected as a top brand advocate for a personal tour to bring you the latest about what’s next in mobile. Microsoft’s main campus is located in Redmond, Washington, about a 45-minute drive away from Downtown Seattle.

Southwest Airlines Mt Rainier
Mt Rainier from my Southwest Airlines airplane window.

As I flew into the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, I noticed several volcanoes from my Southwest Airlines airplane window. I made sure to get a window seat on this flight as I had missed photo opportunities on my recent trip to the Verizon Innovation Center West in San Francisco.
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