Jun 15

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Ultimate Dads and Grads Gear Guide 2020 Preview

My awesome Dads and Grads Gear Guide for this year is due out tomorrow. You will see a preview of a few gadgets here, but for the most excellent devices that I found for you, be sure to visit this link to my article on MacTrast.

Celebrate your Dad and Grad during these interesting times, they will enjoy your thoughtfulness in 2020 and beyond.

Enclave CineHome II 5.1 True Wireless Surround Sound – $999

Enclave CineHome II 5.1 True Wireless Surround Sound System

Setting up a complete home surround sound system should not take earning a degree in audio engineering. Enclave knows how to make an easy to setup system. Each of the satellite speakers are wireless and is preprogrammed to connect to a single hub device, called the CineHub. This hub then plugs into the TV via an HDMI cable. Get yours now and set it up in less time than it takes for an Uber Eats delivery to arrive.

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Enclave’s ???? CineHome II CineHub Edition 5.1 Surround Sound ???? System Takes a Few Minutes to Setup. No AV Receiver & All Satellite ???? Speakers are ???? Wireless. One HDMI Cable, BAM All Done! ? ad – 4 full-range custom drivers with 3 tweeters in the front to give you a wide sound stage with crisp clear dialogue and full mid-range audio. – 6 Class-D Digital Amplifiers that are Perfectly tuned by Enclave’s acoustic engineers to match the speaker drivers and acoustic architecture. – Bi-pole Rears 2 x 2” full-range drivers in each of the rear surrounds speaker provide widespread enveloping sound. – Feel deep, rich bass with Enclave’s 8” downward firing subwoofer that will bring your movies and shows to life. Upgradeable to 4 subs ????. – Want more bass? Turn up or down each of the speakers using Enclave’s CineHub remote app. – Use Enclave’s CineHub remote app iOS & Android to customize your room setup based on your favorite TV spot. – Turn up your music when friends are over or just to hear the news and sports casters clearer with the Whole Room Stereo mode. – Audio Codecs Sported: Dolby and DTS Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround & PCM

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EcoReco L5+ Electric Scooter – $999

EcoReco L5+ Electric Scooter

Zipping around the neighborhood and to the local park is so much easier on wheels with an efficient electric motor. EcoReco’s latest L5+ has all of the above, with a battery that lasts for quite a long time. I have put on over 50 miles so far on the scooter, which makes playing Pokemon Go somewhat easier.

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EcoReco, One of The Electric ?? Scooter ???? Industry’s First. The L5+ can handle a lot in the city & in suburban environments. It can fold up in less than 30 seconds. It’s a super way to tackle the “last mile” between transportation ???? and home ????. ad – ???? L5+ Scooter is a large sized, performance scooter with 8" Polyurethane filled front wheel, solid rear wheel, and a highly efficient motor. It's equipped with 2 exposed aggressive rear suspensions for greater comfort and stability. It is designed with a rougher style for a bigger rider and to handle bumpier road conditions. – Comfortable & Safe Ride Rear-wheel drive and brake for max traction and stability Patented folded handlebar & deck Full suspension and taillight (optional frontlight) – ???? Green & energy-efficient system Zero-emissions, silent motor 2,000+ MPGe, 500+ Miles on $1 Energy Recovery Braking system (E.R.B.) – Compact and light weight Fits in car trunks and under chairs Perfect for public transportation, RVs, and boats – ???? High performance integration Top speed configurable at 20, 12, 7 mph 14-28 miles of range per charge* Depends on operating temps & conditions Great torque for up to 20-25% incline* Depends on riding conditions Zero-drag hub motor, heavy duty with 280 lb load – ?? Consistent Range & Fast Charging High-density Li-ion battery for best power/weight ratio Consistent range under most temperature conditions – ?? Advanced features Safe-start throttle, 3 stage braking LED back-lit dashboard, top/stem gadget mounts for GoPro, iPhone or Android Smartphones

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Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 mAh PD Backup Battery – $29.99

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 mAh Battery

Extending the life of a smartphone, drone, e-Reader, tablet, and action cameras are more than necessary in these tough times. We all want our tech to last as long as we can stay awake for. This battery can do that and charge PowerDelivery devices at 18W. Anker is synonymous with a quality built products and good prices. Need more power? Get two batteries.

These are a preview to the most incredible Dads and Grads gifts for 2020. I have found one in particular that will have you seeing the stars.

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