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Aug 04

New iMac 27-inch 2020
New Apple iMac 27″ for 2020 Photo by Apple

Apple released a big upgrade to the iMac 27”, maybe the last with Intel CPUs to the product line. The new iMac features 10th-gen Intel CPUs with up to an incredible 10 cores, double the memory capacity (up to 128GB RAM), SSD storage across the lineup, a new True Tone Retina display, 1080p FaceTime camera, and a lot more. Continue reading New 27" iMac Gets 10th-Gen Intel CPUs, Up to 128GB RAM, True Tone Retina Display

Jun 15

Vaonis Stellina Astrophotography Telescope
Ultimate Dads and Grads Gear Guide 2020 Preview

My awesome Dads and Grads Gear Guide for this year is due out tomorrow. You will see a preview of a few gadgets here, but for the most excellent devices that I found for you, be sure to visit this link to my article on MacTrast. Continue reading Ultimate Dads and Grads Gear Guide 2020 Preview

May 04

Apple MacBook Pro 13 Magic Keyboard 2020
Apple MacBook Pro 13 2020 Photo by Apple

Apple officially announced an updated MacBook Pro 13” today. Some rumors had the new MacBook Pro at 14”, which would have been a replacement for the 13” model. Moving towards a 14” screen is what I have seen various Windows manufacturers do with theirs. Most Windows laptop builders want a 4:3 aspect ratio to fit multiple full sized pages on a screen at one time. Continue reading New Apple MacBook Pro 13" with Magic Keyboard, More Storage & 10th-Gen Intel CPUs Announced

Apr 16

iPhone SE 2020
Apple iPhone SE 2020 Photo by Apple

Apple has announced the upcoming release of their new lower-cost iPhone SE (2020) on Wednesday. While the new smartphone may look like the discontinued iPhone 8, it has the iPhone 11 CPU and other important chips on the inside. It comes in several colors, along with a (PRODUCT)RED version. Continue reading iPhone SE 2020 Has WiFi 6 Support, NFC With Reader Mode, But no UWB Chip

Mar 24

Apple iOS iPadOS 134
Apple iOS and iPadOS 13.4 Updated, Photo by MacRumors

Apple’s newest mobile software released on Tuesday saw the public version of iPadOS 13.4 and iOS 13.4 updates for iPads and iPhones become available for immediate download. The biggest difference about how Apple releases their software updates and how Android does theirs is that Apple does not have to go through each individual carrier to get approval. Continue reading iPadOS & iOS 13.4 Released by Apple - Trackpad Support for iPad & iCloud Folder Sharing Offered

Mar 06

Aukey Wireless Unity USBC 100W Hub

Charging your gadgets can get a little tricky. Do I go with a USB-C charger and what about Amps? If I get a wireless charging plate, how many Watts of power does my iPhone X and above need? Can I get a charger that does multiple things? Aukey is here to answer all of these questions with their newest wall chargers and wireless charging hubs. Be sure to visit this link to my article on MacTrast. Continue reading New Aukey Wired & Wireless Charging Tech for Your Gadgets