Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For September, 2018

Sep 21

wacom intuos tablet unboxed best buy review
Wacom Intuos Tablet Review

Wacom is synonymous with the tablet experience for PCs and Macs, that is how good they are. I first started using their tablets with a Mac many years ago. I have gone through many versions and sizes of their tablets too. And then the iPad came along. I thought Apple would change the game in tablets with a digital pen. Using the iPad did not provide the same experience as what I get with Wacom’s newest Intuos Bluetooth wireless tablet from Best Buy.

Wacom Intuos Wireless Tablet Unboxing

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Sep 14

Moto e5 Supra Cricket Wireless Smartphone Review
Moto e5 Supra Cricket Wireless Smartphone Review

Cricket, an AT&T MVNO prepaid cell carrier, typically gets a few budget priced smartphones a year from the major worldwide manufacturers. This year, Cricket received a better than usual Motorola e5 Supra, which according to the company, is a rebranded e5 Plus. Plus and Supra means much more with this model Android Smartphone than one or two features that are better than normal. Continue reading Motorola's e5 Supra Android Smartphone on Cricket is a Super Deal