Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For November, 2014

Nov 13

Verizon Wireless North Las Vegas Smart Store
Verizon Wireless Smart Store in North Las Vegas

Verizon Wireless opened their newest Smart Store in Las Vegas, today. What is a Smart Store? I found that out after visiting their Destination Store at the Mall of America. I was intrigued to see what this store had to offer yesterday during a pre-opening tour. What I found was a combination of helpful people and cool tech in multiple zones.

I have been a part of the Verizon Wireless Buzz Group for more than a year. In that time, I have seen first hand what the carrier is doing to stay ahead of retail trends and service with the rollout of XLTE. Continue reading Verizon Wireless Smart Store Opening North Las Vegas VZWBuzz 11-13-14