Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For August, 2013

Aug 22

My Favorite Apps On The Samsung Galaxy S4

The Google Play Store for Android smartphones offers hundreds of thousands of apps, so where to start? Over the past several years, I have come to rely on a few key mobile apps that help to keep me organized. When setting up my new Samsung Galaxy S4 via the Verizon Wireless Buzz Ambassador program, the apps I use most are for photography, video and social networking.Taking photos and videos for posting to social networks is huge. So having the right apps is very important. I was excited to see what the S4 could do with its 13 megapixel HD camera. The first photo app I downloaded to assist with the filtering of photos was Snapseed from Google.

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Aug 19

Disclosure: iCoffee by Remington sent me a review test unit. Opinions and observations expressed here are my own.

Technology is increasingly making its way into a plethora of consumer products to solve multiple problems, like with traditional coffee makers and the bitter coffee they produce. Enter the iCoffee by Remington with so many improvements over standard drip, French press and single-serving machines that I easily saw why this model was getting so much buzz.

Photo of iCoffee by Remington
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