Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For June, 2014

Jun 25

Bluetooth Smartphone Accessories
Motorola DROID Roadster 2 and Jawbone ERA Headset
Smartphones are great when they are accessible in your hand, but put them in your pocket, purse or briefcase and functionality greatly diminishes. Bluetooth wireless accessories from many companies have been created to help give people safer access to voice operations of their smartphones. Accessories from Motorola and Jawbone are easier to purchase now that they are available from Verizon Wireless Stores. They have a wide range of gadgets for the home and office.

Talking while driving with a smartphone in hand is extremely dangerous and several states have outlawed the practice. Bluetooth headsets and portable speakers from Motorola and Jawbone are highly recommended, if you must talk while driving. Motorola makes a speaker that clips onto a car visor while Jawbone has engineered a very light headset.
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