Jan 29

LG G8x ThinQ Android Smartphone Review
LG G8x ThinQ and LG Dual Screen AT&T Wireless Review

TL;DR: LG has made Dual Screen accessories for their newest Android smartphones including the G8x ThinQ. The 2nd screen is identical to the LG G8x, down to the waterdrop notch. Two screens use more power than a single one, so the LG G8x comes with a large 4,000 mAh battery and QuickCharge 4.0. LG swapped out some tech from the LG G8 and added a greater amount of functionality with a folding screen accessory that works, reliably. LG’s newest LG G8x ThinQ Android 9 smartphone from AT&T is available at $779.99 and the Dual Screen Case for $199. Continue reading LG's G8x ThinQ Android Smartphone Doubles Up on AT&T's 5Ge Network

Jan 01

- A pioneer of social media in Las Vegas, Christopher Rauschnot has utilized his deep knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine marketing to organically reach over 122,000,000 views in two and a half years with Google.

- These online views compliment his millions of broadcasted views earned each week for the last year, as a result of a content licensing deal with NIPPON TV in Japan.

Chris Rauschnot 122 million views press release 2020
Chris Rauschnot Photo: Mark Singerman

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 1st, 2020 /24kMedia/ — Christopher Rauschnot, Principal of 24kMedia, achieved over 122,000,000 views for his content online. Designated by Google as a Master Photographer, this milestone was reached in record time at two and a half years. Additionally, Christopher’s content has been broadcast to millions each week in Japan, via a licensing deal reached mid-2018 with NIPPON TV. Continue reading Christopher Rauschnot's Content Achieves 122+ Million Views Online

Oct 29

JLab Audio Air Truly Wireless Earbuds
JLab Audio Air Truly Wireless Earbuds

Truly wireless earbuds and headsets are maturing to the point where paying under $100 means you can get a nice pair with coast-to-coast flight battery life. JLab Audio has three new wireless Air models that deliver on sound, quality, and comfort available from Best Buy.

JLab Audio makes three new sets of truly wireless headphones meant for how much you want to move with them. If you are highly active, the Air Sport model is for you. Continue reading JLab Audio's Newest JBuds Air Truly Wireless Earbuds

Aug 17

LG G8 ThinQ ATT Android Smartphone Review
LG G8 ThinQ Android Smartphone Screams on AT&T’s 5Ge Network

AT&T is currently upgrading its network to 5G, only a handful of 5G smartphones are currently available. Until Qualcomm produces more 5G modems, Huawei releases their handsets, and smartphone makers release fully 5G standardized phones, AT&T’s 5Ge wireless protocol, which is a combination of tightly grouped and upgraded antennas, faster fiber optic back haul, and software to support everything, is next in the US. While Samsung’s S10 5G, Note 10 Plus 5G, and Motorola’s Z series with a 5G add-on are available, they only support one standard of 5G. Enter the LG G8 ThinQ Android 9 smartphone.

LG G8 ThinQ Unboxing by Chris @24k

Continue reading LG's G8 ThinQ Android Smartphone Screams on AT&T's 5Ge Network

Aug 15

Bowers Wilkins Formation Bar Formation Bass Best Buy
Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bar Formation Bass Best Buy Overview

Upgrading to a wireless audio system that works with your high-end television and that plays music around the home meant using multiple speaker systems from different brands. You could get a premium soundbar or sub for bass, and a speaker for your bedroom, but they typically were not linked together. Bowers & Wilkins has speakers for all of these scenarios with a completely separate wireless mesh network and premium audio gear. Continue reading Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bar, Bass & Wedge Premium Wireless Audio Gear

Aug 12

Altec Lansing Baby Boom XL Speaker Best Buy Review
Altec Lansing Baby Boom XL Speaker Best Buy Review

Small Bluetooth wireless speakers have come a long way in the last few years. I’ve enjoyed trying out a handful of them while lounging around the pool, hiking on desert trails, and exploring the gold country of Northern California. Altec Lansing’s newest Baby Boom XL is rugged and waterproof. It can float if you want to lounge in the pool too.

The moment I turned on the Baby Boom XL from Altec Lansing, it went directly into pairing mode to connect with my iPhone XS MAX. For $29.99 each, get two and link them together via its True Wireless mode. Want great tunes while camping, these are inexpensive and IP67 certified to be there when you need them. Continue reading Altec Lansing's Baby Boom XL Portable Speaker is Mighty Rugged