Jul 06

Microsoft Lumia 635 Live Tiles
Microsoft Lumia 635 Windows Phone 8.1

The minimalist design, inexpensive and personalized Lumia 635 is an option for those seeking 4G LTE and a quad-core smartphone. The handy smartphone from Microsoft packs a punch with its 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and Windows Phone 8.1 software. Cortana, the new voice assistant introduced in 8.1, helps schedule alarms, checks the news and navigates with GPS via the included map software. Last year, Microsoft completed the transition of purchasing the Nokia brand and now refers to this product line as the Microsoft Lumia 635. Microsoft sponsored me to keep the Lumia 635 in this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


My Instagram overview of Microsoft’s @microsoftlumiaus @microsoftlumia Lumia 635. Quad-core CPU, 4G LTE, 4.5″ screen & 1,830 mAh battery that lasts for days. #sponsored #Nokia #Microsoft #Lumia #635 #4GLTE #smartphone #tech #unboxing #overview #video

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Microsoft Lumia 635 Quick Unboxing

An extended review for the Lumia 635 made sense. How would only a few weeks reveal quirks in the software or usability after app and firmware updates from Microsoft? Continue reading Extended Review: Microsoft Lumia 635 Smartphone With 4G LTE

Jul 04

Mark Fields CEO Ford Motor Company Ford Trends 2015
Mark Fields CEO Ford Motor Company Begins Ford Trends 2015

Going further with Ford has meant many things over the years. I have been attending and covering their events all around the USA. The Blue Oval noticed and has been good about keeping me in the loop with the automotive world including when Ford had a TV show on NBC called Escape Routes. Being able to interview the teams on the show, before the finale and then have videos included in a local Las Vegas newspaper, was all part of the fun.

Going Further With Ford From Las Vegas to San Francisco

My latest adventure with the Ford Motor Company was in late June when I visited San Francisco and Palo Alto, California, in Silicon Valley. This is the first event outside of Dearborn and Detroit that Ford has setup to show what technologies they are adapting to their newest vehicles and e-bikes. Continue reading Going Further With Ford Road Trips In Nevada, Utah, Arizona & California

Jun 27

mBot Makeblock blue robot

Building robots with random parts and then programming them to do simple tasks can be daunting for adults, not to mention kids. Makeblock has taken almost all of the guesswork out of building an operational robot with a kit that is easy enough to assemble for kids.

mBot Kit Makeblock Unboxing

One way to get kids interested in building an otherwise complex robotics system is to bundle a kit together with clear building instructions and a simple remote control. It takes a special company to also make a kit that is fun to work on and achieve a nice sense of accomplishment when finished.
Continue reading The mBot Robot Kit From Makeblock Is Fun For Everyone

Jun 20

Further With Ford 2015 Silicon Valley
As a leader in the fields of technology and connected autos, Ford Motor Company has chosen me to attend their Further With Ford 2015 Silicon Valley event next week. Ford is sponsoring my travel and lodging.

“At Ford, we view ourselves as both a mobility and an auto company, as we drive innovation in every part of our business,” said Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company president and CEO. Continue reading Further With Ford 2015 Silicon Valley San Francisco Preview

Jun 17

Congrats Grads and Dads 2015 Gift Guide

Graduating to the next level means many things in life. Getting there in the first place is not easy with yesterday’s technology. Up your game with a few of todays hot style items and technology.

Taking the summer off to explore the world or moving on to the next town to go for that advanced degree are both ways to get more out of life or advance your career. To assist with your travels and next living arrangements, companies like VeryKool, August, Satechi, Eton, TYLT, Aukey, Incipio, Grove Made, Kensington and Booq have created some fun and intelligent products to help with all of that. Continue reading Dads And Grads Best Tech Gift Guide 2015

May 09

Disney legends and celebrities attended the ‘Tomorrowland’ world premiere at Disneyland May 9, 2015. The general release of this Disney futuristic film is set for May 22.

One of the most anticipated celebrities to walk the blue carpet this world premiere evening was George Clooney. Clooney was seen with his wife Amal Clooney posing for the photographers.

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Apr 14

Last night’s world premiere celebrity filled red carpet for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. A sure to be blockbuster from Marvel Studios, Writer and Director Joss Whedon and Producer Kevin Feige, p.g.a.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr
Continue reading Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron World Premiere Photos

Mar 12

Incipio Ghost 220 Qi Wireless Charging Base
Incipio Ghost 220 Qi Wireless Charging Base

Wireless payments have arrived and some are wondering when charging their smartphone sans cables will be the norm. For now, wireless charging is being dominated by the Qi standard and thankfully that technology is being included in many Android and Windows Phone smartphones, cases and external battery packs.

One such offGRID battery pack from Incipio, that comes with 4,000 mAh of backup power, charges wirelessly. Their Ghost 220 Qi charging pad is capable of charging the previously mentioned backup battery and any Qi enabled device simultaneously. Continue reading Amp Up Your Smartphone By 2X With Wireless Charging Capabilities From Incipio

Feb 15

Arlo Smart Home VMS3230 Wireless Camera System
Arlo Smart Home VMS3230 Wireless Camera System

Every so often, a smart camera will come onto the home security market with a promise of cloud connectivity, continuous operations and free apps to control everything. There has only been one real option from Nest as the Dropcam Pro, but it required a wired power adapter, so that is not 100% wireless. That is why I was excited to learn of the Arlo Smart Home wireless security camera system from Netgear, while at CES. Continue reading Arlo Smart Home Security System Keeps An Eye On Your Home Day & Night

Jan 28

Sony Xperia Z3v Verizon Smartphone
Sony Z3v Xperia Smartphone for Verizon

January is a very busy time for major conventions and events like the Consumer Electronics Show and North American International Auto Show. I needed a device that could keep up with me through a week plus of near constant use. The Sony Xperia Z3v from Verizon ended up becoming my go to device.

Sony Xperia Z3v Smartphone PS4 Gaming
Sony Z3v Xperia Smartphone PlayStation 4 Game Streaming

Continue reading Sony's Z3v Smartphone Helped Me To Cover CES & NAIAS 2015