Mar 21

Adobe Summit 2017 Chris Rauschnot Insider Influencer
Adobe Summit 2017 - Chris Rauschnot Invited as Summit Insider Influencer

Chris Rauschnot @24k will be live posting and engaging his following during Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada over the next three days. Adobe, which is sponsoring his free pass to the event, has invited Chris to be a Summit Insider at Summit. He will be covering it and various announcements from the company during the event. His thoughts and points of view are his own.

“We are trying to extend the reach and experience outside the walls of Summit. Bringing in this group of influencers who are so active online with their social communities allows us to do just that, while deepening our relationships with them.” - Cory Edwards, Director of Social Media, Adobe. Continue reading Chris Rauschnot @24k Invited As a Summit Insider Influencer at Summit 2017

Mar 04

Transforming Industries With The Cloud and New ICT

New ICT is the realization and convergence of information technology in the cloud era, also known as Cloud 2.0. Today’s cloud technologies promise the ability to communicate a vast amount of data, process it at light speed and securely store it around the globe.

New ICT is now permeating our daily lives through contactless payments including Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs), Smart Manufacturing, Smart Grids, Public Safety and Smart Cities. We can see various industries are either currently utilizing new ICT or are on their way to converting to it. To support this conversion, ICT companies like Huawei will become even more useful by providing the underlying hardware. Let’s take a closer look at how enterprises are using New ICT for their business transformation. Continue reading Transforming Industries With The Cloud and New ICT

Jan 07

NAIAS 2017 Detroit North American International Auto Show
NAIAS 2017 in Detroit North American International Auto Show

Chris Rauschnot @24k will be live posting and engaging his following during his trip to Detroit via Las Vegas, Nevada over the next three days. Ford, which is sponsoring his travel and accommodations, has invited Chris to cover the North American International Auto Show and announcements by the mobility company. He has not been compensated for his social media coverage and all thoughts are his own.

Mark Fields President and CEO Ford Motor Company CES 2017 NAIAS 2017
Mark Fields President and CEO Ford Motor Company at CES 2017

The Ford Motor Company is a top worldwide automaker and provider of mobility solutions. Fresh from his visit to CES and Ford’s booth, the buzz this year surrounds their newer Fusion Hybrid autonomous development vehicle, GT, electrified vehicles and more. Continue reading Chris Rauschnot @24k Invited to Go Further With Ford at NAIAS 2017

Nov 17

Chris @24k Invited To Tokyo for HuaweiChris @24k Invited To Tokyo for Huawei's Mobile Is The Future Conference

Chris Rauschnot @24k will be live posting and engaging his following during his trip to Tokyo, Japan via Las Vegas, Nevada. Chris has been invited and is sponsored by Huawei to attend their Mobile Is The Future Conference. In addition, he will be touring parts of the World’s Largest City.

Huawei communications technology is utilized by a third of the world’s population. In 2014, they ranked third in the world in mobile phone shipments. Manufacturing and design facilities, luxury travel experiences and points of interest in each city will be explored. Huawei is all about, “A better connected world.” I look forward to finding out more about what they are working on in the mobile space, design and see a 5G wireless demonstration. Continue reading Chris @24k Invited To Tokyo for Huawei's Mobile Is The Future Conference

Oct 17

Linksys WRT3200ACM MU MIMO Gigabit WiFi Router
Linksys WRT3200ACM MU MIMO Gigabit WiFi Router Review

Gamers are always looking for the fastest connection and a wireless router that can handle multiple connections anywhere in the home. Linksys has been producing reliable wireless connectivity hardware for more than 15 years. So when Best Buy gave me the chance to try out their new open source firmware enabled WRT3200ACM WiFi router, I said, “Yes please.”

The Linksys WRT3200ACM WiFi Router is an easy to setup, yet highly powerful router. From unboxing to connecting computers, smartphones and gaming systems to the router’s wireless signal should take no more 15 minutes. Continue reading New Linksys WRT3200ACM WiFi Router Is a Gamer's Delight

Oct 08

HomeAway Stage Austin City Limits Music Festival 2016
HomeAway Stage Austin City Limits Music Festival 2016 by Chris Heuer

Chris Rauschnot @24k spent the last weekend of September in Austin, Texas covering the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Chris was invited and sponsored by HomeAway to live in one of their rented condos in Downtown Austin, where all of the action is during ACL. The condo was conveniently located about six blocks away from the ACL shuttle stop and a few blocks away from the Four Seasons Austin. To get to Austin, Chris flew nonstop from Las Vegas via a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 airplane.

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is in its 15th year and entertains about 450,000 people over three days and two weekends. There are many stages setup around Zilker Park, which is across the river from Downtown Austin. One thing to note about Austin is that it does not have Uber or Lyft. They have multiple ride-sharing options however and the one Chris choose to travel with happened to have helpful and fun drivers. Continue reading Austin Becomes My HomeAway From Home At The 2016 ACL Music Festival

Sep 27

ZTE Spro 2 AT&T Smart Projector Hotspot
ZTE Spro 2 AT&T Smart Projector Hotspot

Finding a feature-rich and portable projector to travel with can be difficult with so many options out there. ZTE’s Spro 2 takes most of the guesswork out of the decision making process by combining three great features in one small package. It puts you in control with an integrated AT&T 4G LTE hotspot and enough dual-band wireless signal to share that up to ten WiFi devices. It operates on Android 4.4 KitKat with access to the Google Play App Store and is a decent personal projector, for about $299.99, a qualifying data plan required for this model.

The ZTE Smart Projector has a 5” LCD display touch panel on top that is very responsive to finger taps, switching apps and setting up its projector functions. It comes with a micro SD card slot, a SIM slot, an HDMI port, power adapter port, USB ports and a headphone port. Continue reading Review: ZTE's Spro 2 Streams Videos & Is A Fast 4G LTE Hotspot

Sep 22

Fitbit BLAZE Fitness Trackers
Fitbit BLAZE Fitness Tracker Review

Fitness and activity tracking wearables continue to be a hot topic several years into their development. Refinements, added functionality, apps and accessories have expanded the market even further. I have tested several devices from Withings, Nike and Motorola. I wanted to try something new for several upcoming trips and I saw that the BLAZE looked cooler than their Charge HR. The Fitbit BLAZE is my first experience with the brand. I picked up an XL from a local AT&T Store. Continue reading Review: Fitbit BLAZE Fitness Tracker & Smartwatch

Sep 11

Further with Ford 2016 Dearborn Michigan Preview
Further with Ford 2016 Preview

As a key opinion leader in the fields of technology and connected automobiles, Ford Motor Company has chosen me to attend their Further With Ford 2016 in Dearborn, Michigan at their World Headquarters. Ford is sponsoring my travel and lodging.

“At Ford, we view ourselves as both a mobility and an auto company, as we drive innovation in every part of our business,” said Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company president and CEO. Continue reading Further with Ford 2016 Dearborn, Michigan Preview

Sep 03

Honor 8 by Huawei
Huawei Honor 8 Sapphire Blue from Best Buy

Looking for that hot new smartphone made for traveling with some of the latest photography technology, but don’t want to break the bank? Huawei (wah-way), the maker of the highly successful Nexus 6P, has come up with the Honor 8 unlocked Android smartphone. It comes in an exclusive Sapphire Blue color with dual 12MP lenses on the back, only at Best Buy.

Looking to produce excellent selfies? Well, Huawei has you covered again with an 8M large pixel (1.4um) wide-angle front-facing camera. Most cameras on the front of smartphones come with a 1um pixel size, but the extra .4um gives you extra light for better looking photos.

Battery life for smartphones with such high-end specs is equally important. That’s why Huawei has included a 3,000 mAh long lasting battery. The custom chips made by the company can give you up to 12 hours of HD video, 4 hours of 4G web browsing, 20 hours of 3G calling or 56 hours of music playback. Continue reading Huawei Launches Exciting New Dual Camera Unlocked Smartphone At Best Buy