Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For January, 2008

Jan 27

MacBook Air

First impressions when using the MacBook Air is that it is visually small.  It’s about 1/3 the thickness of a regular MacBook.  It is .16 inches at its smallest and .76 inches at the hinge.  After it is closed, the laptop is light but doesn’t feel like it’s made of cheap material, it feels like its definitely a Mac that could be used daily.  The hinge mechanism is tight and should provide trouble free opening and closing.  I see why Apple included a glass screen cover as it keeps the screen from twisting when closing or opening it from either corner.

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Jan 15

Apple iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 ReleasedWith all of the speculation on which features would be released with the next iPhone firmware due at this years MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, the wait is finally over.  Some of the new features, as many have been arguing over the last few months, should have been part of the iPhone software since initial release.  In any event, Apple has taken steps with this firmware update to get users of the iPhone one step closer to using approved applications once the iPhone SDK is released sometime in March or April.

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Jan 06

First month of sale for the iPhone in FranceOrange wireless of France has reported record sales of the iPhone.  In its first five days of availability the iPhone sold over 30,000 cell phones.  There have been 70,000 iPhones sold in the first month.  Almost half of the iPhone cell phones, 48%, were sold to new Orange customers.  As the second wireless provider offering an iPhone unlocked, 3,500 of them sold during that same period.

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Jan 05

Apple Patent Application For Notebook Docking StationApple is at it again by filing for a patent on the design in the graphic.  It appears that the MacBook like computer would by placed inside of the iMac style screen enclosure.  It is not clear if the MacBook would have a screen itself and if said screen would show through the iMac styled enclosure.  The patent application does reveal that the MacBook type computer would be slid into the enclosure where the ports would still be accessible.

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Jan 04

Apple Developing Dynamic KeyboardApple is at it again thinking ahead for what consumers might want in the future.  They have filed a patent application that is for an OLED-based keyboard that can change via software instruction.  That basically means that the keys could change based on what software program is running on the computer at any given time.

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Jan 02

ModBook by Axiotron Is Now Shipping

MacBook based tablet PC’s are finally shipping thanks to very patient buyers and Axiotron the company who makes them.  This comes at a very interesting time as MacWorld looms near.  Several rumors are going around the Internet saying that there could be a smaller type MacBook that may be produced.  Patent applications by Apple also show a large touch screen interface similar to the iPhone.  All of these put together make for an exciting MacWorld Expo keynote speech.

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