Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For April, 2010

Apr 14

Gathered at the Destination Broadband Theater for the National Association of Broadcaster’s Show on April 13, 2010:

I saw some greats in business, entertainment and social media come together to discuss the state of now at the panel “Twitter and the Entertainment Industry: How the Real Time Web is Changing Hollywood”.  The panelists involved were; Steve Broback of Head of Parnassus Group, Carter Holland VP of AVID Technology, Oren Jacob CTO of Pixar & Independent Filmmaker, Adam Zbar CEO Tap11, Warren Whitlock Twitter Guy & Author and myself, Christopher Rauschnot of 24k Media, a Social Media Consultancy Firm. The panelists discussed a wide variety of topics to what is known as the, “state of now.”

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Apr 10

Corporations are recognizing the power of social media and the lasting impressions it can create.  More than ever, brands that only before had a web site or a simple direct mobile campaign can now interact B2C with new prospects worldwide.  Some corporations have hit a roadblock on the pitfalls of engagement with these groups by social media and should read my recent blog post about defining a corporate social media policy. A social media policy is not a panacea to create a lasting word of mouth campaign.  However, once the right people are in place, social media can deliver immediate ROI and long term results.

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Apr 09

Defining a corporate social media policy can be a daunting task for any manager.  Instead of sending press releases out as being the voice of the company, everyone can help create a positive force that other organizations would be hard to rival without the help of social media.  There are several aspects for creating a corporate social media policy that a manager should be aware of:

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