Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For December, 2007

Dec 30

Apple TV Made Yahoo Techs Worst of 2007 ListApple consumer electronics devices almost always are on ‘Best of’ lists from a wide range of media outlets, small to mainstream.  Once in a long while a product will make it to a ‘Worst of’ list.  It seems this just happens to be one of those times.  The Apple TV is on the ‘Top 10 Worst Tech Product’ for 2007 by Yahoo! Tech.

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Dec 28

ComputerWorld crowns iPhone as 2nd Most Innovative Product of 2007ComputerWorld is famous for their end of year lists.  2007 is no different and an unsurprising entry made it on this years list.  The Apple iPhone cell phone has come in 2nd place.  What might you ask is number one?  Well, it happens to be Google Gears but that is beyond the scope of this post.

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Dec 22

Winclone Backup Boot Camp PatitionMac switchers this past year have had many options to running Windows based software on their Intel based Mac’s.  Boot Camp from Apple is the defacto Windows based software boot tool.  Since Boot Camp was introduced users have been trying to find out a way to save their Windows partition so they can reload it when something goes wrong.  More often than not, a virus or spyware will clog up the Windows side and have to be reloaded.   Wouldn’t it be nice to use a free piece of software to do this?

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