Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For January, 2010

Jan 08

FourSquare Social Networking Game

FourSquare, the social networking location based game has updated its service in Las Vegas, NV to include new checkin badges.  Some of these badges are for the International Consumer Electronics Show here this week in Las Vegas, NV.  One earns badges by using the service to check into venues they visit on a daily basis.  Why is it exciting that FourSquare has done this?  Well, up until now, the service has been limited to a certain amount of cities and badges to earn in these cities.  With the advent of all of these newer badges to earn, the service might get another boost in two critical ways.

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Jan 06

Apple Store New York Glass BoxBack in November of 2009, I was chatting with friends, followers and brands over my Twitter account @24k. Then I received a direct message. There is nothing new about that, but fortunately for me, it was from a recent acquaintance at BlogWorld 2009. The persons name is Jeff Pulver and he runs a series of events known at the 140 Characters Conference. Jeff decided to take a chance, as he likes to say over his Twitter account @JeffPulver, and asked me to prepare a few ideas for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, Social Media Jungle 2010 event at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Jan 06

Blue Microphones Mikey Second GenerationBlue Microphones have announced their second generation Mikey Portable Recorder for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Blue has previously wowed iPod and Mac fans with their previous releases of the Snowball, Snowflake, and Mikey original.

The second gen Mikey is still being considered for iPhone certification, although it looks like a powerful professional recording solution for iPhone users when it is supposed to arrive in the Spring.  Mikey features two Blue mic capsules for pro-quality stereo recording, but now has slightly improved acoustic circuitry for better recordings such as concerts.

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