Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For June, 2015

Jun 27

mBot Makeblock blue robot

Building robots with random parts and then programming them to do simple tasks can be daunting for adults, not to mention kids. Makeblock has taken almost all of the guesswork out of building an operational robot with a kit that is easy enough to assemble for kids.

mBot Kit Makeblock Unboxing

One way to get kids interested in building an otherwise complex robotics system is to bundle a kit together with clear building instructions and a simple remote control. It takes a special company to also make a kit that is fun to work on and achieve a nice sense of accomplishment when finished.
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Jun 20

Further With Ford 2015 Silicon Valley
As a leader in the fields of technology and connected autos, Ford Motor Company has chosen me to attend their Further With Ford 2015 Silicon Valley event next week. Ford is sponsoring my travel and lodging.

“At Ford, we view ourselves as both a mobility and an auto company, as we drive innovation in every part of our business,” said Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company president and CEO. Continue reading Further With Ford 2015 Silicon Valley San Francisco Preview

Jun 17

Congrats Grads and Dads 2015 Gift Guide

Graduating to the next level means many things in life. Getting there in the first place is not easy with yesterday’s technology. Up your game with a few of todays hot style items and technology.

Taking the summer off to explore the world or moving on to the next town to go for that advanced degree are both ways to get more out of life or advance your career. To assist with your travels and next living arrangements, companies like VeryKool, August, Satechi, Eton, TYLT, Aukey, Incipio, Grove Made, Kensington and Booq have created some fun and intelligent products to help with all of that. Continue reading Dads And Grads Best Tech Gift Guide 2015