Jun 20

Further With Ford 2015 Silicon Valley
As a leader in the fields of technology and connected autos, Ford Motor Company has chosen me to attend their Further With Ford 2015 Silicon Valley event next week. Ford is sponsoring my travel and lodging.

“At Ford, we view ourselves as both a mobility and an auto company, as we drive innovation in every part of our business,” said Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company president and CEO.

Mark Fields will be giving the opening keynote to my group on the first evening near the new Pier 27 cruise terminal in San Francisco. He will most likely talk about what Ford is doing to innovate in the auto industry.

I am interested in learning about how their innovation offices in California contribute to the Blue Oval overall. I will be participating in technology and Internet of Things IoT based activities while in Palo Alto, California.

Topics of discussions and keynotes at HP will be the Future of Sustainable Cities, Automation Effect and ABC’s of XYZ. After the discussions have concluded, there will then be time to go into a laboratory for immersion experiences.

The Ford Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, is growing Ford’s global research team and accelerating the company’s innovation in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience and big data.

“Future mobility solutions will require fresh ideas and vigorous collaboration between researchers inside Ford and with other technology leaders outside the automotive industry,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development and chief technical officer.

Last year’s Further With Ford 2014 event was held at their world headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. I like the idea of the venue change with speakers from all around the country.

There should be time to take a few photo tours around San Francisco. Be sure to follow me on @24k Twitter, @24k Instagram, @24kMedia Instagram and 24kMedia’s YouTube channel for live coverage. Come back to TheMacWizard.com for a full recap of the Further with Ford 2015 Silicon Valley.

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