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– A pioneer of social media in Las Vegas, Christopher Rauschnot, has utilized his deep knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine marketing to organically reach over 234,000,000 views in three and a half years with Google.

– 112,000,000 content views increase in 2020.

– Became an HBO Documentary Filmmaker in 2020 as a result of shooting, editing and producing video for I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, a 6-part documentary series.

– These online views compliment his millions of broadcasted views earned between 2018 and 2019, as a result of a content licensing deal with NIPPON TV in Japan.

Chris Rauschnot 234 million views press release 2021
Chris Rauschnot Photo: Mark Singerman

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 1st, 2021 /24kMedia/ — Christopher Rauschnot, Principal of 24kMedia, achieved over 234,000,000 views for his content online. Designated by Google as a Master Photographer, this milestone was reached in record time at three and a half years. In 2020, Christopher’s content has been broadcast to millions as a result of becoming a Documentary Filmmaker with credit for video in the 6-part documentary, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark.

Christopher has used his deep knowledge of search engine optimization, honed over the past eighteen years, to reach a new moonshot goal of an additional 112+ million new views during a global pandemic, stay at home orders and regional lockdowns. This once again proves his ability to plan, launch, create viral content, goal set, and execute strategies that result in content views that fortune 100 companies and many online influencers can only dream about.

Planning and creating compelling content, such as photos and videos, for the technology, hospitality, travel, automotive, aerospace, space, wireless, consumer electronics and enterprise industries are a passion and focus for Christopher. The documentary film work in 2020 extends his Internet based and small screen broadcast credits.

He has worked with, been sponsored by, and collaborated with companies such as AT&T, Gogo In-flight Wi-Fi, Ford Motor Company, Nissan, Norwegian Cruise Line, TCL, NETGEAR, Nokia, Microsoft, Adobe, Ritz-Carlton, Huawei, and Disney.

“Reaching 234,000,000 online views for content created shows top worldwide brands that working with a top Ambassador and Influencer like me that I continue to move the needle for them, even during a global pandemic,” says Christopher Rauschnot, Principal of 24kMedia. He continued by staying, “I nearly doubled my content views in a year, on top of a time when traveling by commercial aviation has been reduced by 95%. Many brands don’t know who to go to inside of their organization or at their hired agency to produce compelling content or manage a strategy to reach these moonshot goals. By working with someone like me, I have proven again and again that search marketing grows audiences. The creation of compelling videos drives consumers in an online landscape that has drastically changed and matured since March of 2020.”

In addition to the 234+ million online views from Google, Christopher has amassed over 8,200,000+ views on YouTube, and has received over 1,100,000+ views on shared Instagram video content in the last 30 days. He continues to grow partnerships on YouTube and Instagram with millions of subscribers that share his content every month.

Bill Cody, Principal at CodyCom said, “Christopher has taken steps beyond the typical user of Google and social media services such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter by incorporating a/b testing, capturing special event trending topics, and search optimization. The pandemic has required a pivot to the way that online campaigns are planned and executed. He has reached an incredible new moonshot goal of 112+ million additional views over the last year. He has done this by planning and executing a strategy for the creation and discovery of digital media for a global audience that is still collectively living in a pandemic. Congratulations to him on becoming a Documentary Filmmaker in 2020 too. These impressive achievements show that he can help businesses around the world connect with their audiences.”

About Christopher Rauschnot, he has been named Top Social Media and PR Influencer by PR Newswire, Cision, DIGIMIND, Synthesio, Vegas Seven Magazine, and Fit Small Business. He has been featured by TheNextWeb.com, Mashable, HuffPost, Good Morning America multiple times, 20/20, HBO, HBO Max, CNN International Backstory, NBC, Fox, CBS, ABC – National and Local Affiliates, The Weather Channel, AccuWeather and NIPPON TV. He is a Documentary Filmmaker and has been credited for content in the 6-part documentary, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark. He has licensed video content that has been broadcast on NIPPON TV via terrestrial and satellite, to the nation of Japan.


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