Jan 15

Apple iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 ReleasedWith all of the speculation on which features would be released with the next iPhone firmware due at this years MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, the wait is finally over.  Some of the new features, as many have been arguing over the last few months, should have been part of the iPhone software since initial release.  In any event, Apple has taken steps with this firmware update to get users of the iPhone one step closer to using approved applications once the iPhone SDK is released sometime in March or April.

While some have speculated that the video of the 1.1.3 firmware on YouTube was fake, Apple has finally released it and so we now can confirm that the video was indeed genuine.  Below is a rundown of the new features.

  1. Applications can now be moved on the screen and into a new page if desired.
  2. The home screen adds pagination support.
  3. The ability to add bookmarks to the home screen for quick access to commonly used web sites.
  4. The ability to send an SMS text messages to multiple recipients at the same time.
  5. Maps application now displays the Hybrid map view.
  6. Maps application now supports current location with cell tower triangulation.
  7. Modem firmware is now 04.03.13_G

As with any iPhone firmware update, any jailbreak, activation or SIM unlock software such as iPhoneSimFree will most likely be broken as a result of the upgrade.  Upgrade at your own risk.

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