Jan 06

First month of sale for the iPhone in FranceOrange wireless of France has reported record sales of the iPhone.  In its first five days of availability the iPhone sold over 30,000 cell phones.  There have been 70,000 iPhones sold in the first month.  Almost half of the iPhone cell phones, 48%, were sold to new Orange customers.  As the second wireless provider offering an iPhone unlocked, 3,500 of them sold during that same period.

Apple was very hesitant to sell any iPhone unlocked but at only 3,500 sold, it appears they have nothing to worry about at least initially.  If one were to analyze sales of the iPhone in its first month, about 40,000 were sold over a three week period after the initial 30,000 were sold in the five days following release.  That’s quite a drop in sales in a short period.  Maybe the press for the iPhone was removed after the first week because of how well it did.  Since 48% of the sales went to new customers, Orange should have known to continue advertising in key sales channels to keep up the momentum.  In any case, maybe figured they would wait for the 3G iPhone due sometime this year. Via Tuaw.

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