Jul 29

Parliant iPhone Visual VMOn Friday the 27th of July 2007, Parliant released its PhoneValet Anywhere service for the Apple iPhone.  Users of the PhoneValet Message Center 5 can upgrade their server for $59.95, to add the new unlimited user version or upgrade for free if you already use PhoneValet Anywhere.

The PhoneValet Message Center is a telephony system designed for the Macintosh and small business.  A phone line connected to a Mac turns it into an entire automated phone center along with interactive voice prompts.  It integrates caller id which routes them to the right user, includes voicemail, transfers people to outside numbers, records calls and manages call logs, along with providing the caller an auto-dialing option.

PhoneValet Anywhere is an add on solution for the Message Center, which also enables a Web-based Message Center.  It is accessible via a Web browser.  This is where the iPhone comes into play.  PhoneValet Anywhere works on Safari via the iPhone, which enables users to listen to voice mail, view recent calls, view or edit notes on call details and return calls all in an interface similar to the iPhone’s “visual voicemail” display.

PhoneValet Anywhere for the iPhone can convert voice mail files into a file optimized for the iPhone, which is compressed enough to work fast over AT&T Wireless’ EDGE network.  New users of PhoneValet Message Center will cost $169.95.  If small businesses considered using the iPhone and have a Macintosh user base, this may be a great solution.  Via MacWorld.

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