Macintosh And PC Tech Blog Posts For July, 2007

Jul 25

iPhone Temperature ZoneApple decided to post information about the iPhone battery operating and storage temperatures.  For most computer users, the operating and storage temperatures have been known for quite a few years.  The Apple iPhone, unlike many other mobile phones, does not have a removable battery.  This means that once the battery stops holding a good charge, it will need to be replaced from Apple.

The fortunate point about the iPhone battery is that it has good life compared to most other smartphones.  Unfortunately, the replacement battery program from Apple will cost nearly $85 and leave you without the iPhone for at least three business days.

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Jul 24

iPhone Bluetooth HeadsetApple’s iPhone Bluetooth headset has finally been unboxed.  Reports on the new headset are commenting that the accessory comes with a charging base and that it is starting to show up in some of the Apple Stores nation wide.  If iPhone users are willing to brave the look of a black stick out of your ear, then this is the iPhone accessory for you.

The shot of the iPhone, charging base and headset are shown above.  Apparently, the user gets to see the charging levels on both the iPhone and the headset simultaneously.

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Jul 23

Zoho Office iPhone SoftwareZoho, a company that makes online office applications written in AJAX, has gone live with iZoho.  iZoho provides the iPhone optimized access to their online office suite.  To use these helpful applications, iPhone users will want to visit their site www izoho com.  Once on the site, users will be presented with Zoho Writer for documents, Zoho Sheet for spreadsheets, and Zoho Show for presentations all the while being able to edit these documents from the Safari browser.

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Jul 22

iPhone MacAlly AccessoriesNow that Apple iPhone sales are in full swing, 700,000 are out there so far.  People are needing and wanting a way to take care of their $500 or $600 iPhone.  Macally has just released seven new chargers, stands and cases.

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Jul 21

iPhone On German T-Mobile SiteEarlier yesterday, this image showed up on the German T-Mobile website.  The text translates to “the new cult cellphone.”  According to the source the image is the old pre-YouTube iPhone image with 9:41 time status and Cingular info cleaned off.  As of yet, there have been no European iPhone announcements for carrier participation or availability date.

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Jul 20

Nand Flash MemoryDue to higher than anticipated sales and lower than expected output of NAND memory, 25% of the world wide flash memory production is being consumed by the Apple iPhone and iPod.  This will drive prices up for that kind of memory within the year.  DRAMeXchange, a market research firm in Taiwan suggested that it could take “about two to three quarters before manufaturers can raise their chip yield rates to a higher level.”  With holiday season products starting production now, large amounts of this kind of memory will be used up at a faster rate.

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