Jul 24

iPhone Bluetooth HeadsetApple’s iPhone Bluetooth headset has finally been unboxed.  Reports on the new headset are commenting that the accessory comes with a charging base and that it is starting to show up in some of the Apple Stores nation wide.  If iPhone users are willing to brave the look of a black stick out of your ear, then this is the iPhone accessory for you.

The shot of the iPhone, charging base and headset are shown above.  Apparently, the user gets to see the charging levels on both the iPhone and the headset simultaneously.

There is a travel cable for the headset, which also uses a MagSafe connector.  The pricing for the headset and charging base is $129.  Most headset’s do not charge both the phone and its self so that’s a nice feature.

There is no list of approved Bluetooth compatible headsets as of yet for the iPhone, so for right now this marks number one. Via Engadget.

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