Jul 26

Apple Quarter 3 ResultsApple announces that they sold 270,000 iPhones in their third quarter, Q3 financial results call, in the first 30 hours of sales.  Their Q3 ended June 30th.  Apple explained the reason for low activations of only 146,000 iPhones, reported by AT&T, were due to problems in their activation systems.  Apple declined to comment on what their sales were past June 30th.

They plan to announce that by September 30th they should have at least one million in sales and 10 million by the end of 2008.  The call included launch plans for the Apple iPhone in Europe.  Apple stated that it will have the smart phone in a few “major” countries, UK, France and Germany by quarter four, Q4 2007 and the rest of Europe by 2008.  They failed to mention which carriers they were using as most likely they are still in negotiations with several at this moment.

The call also mentioned that Apple is waiting on cash from AT&T, which is most likely based on contract renewals and new subscribers for the iPhone.  Apple will count revenue in the September quarter but did not say much about those projected figures. With over a quarter million sold so far, Apple is on their way to having a third major core business apart from the Macintosh and iPod.  Via Engadget.

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