Jul 04

iPhone AccessoryThe first iPhone accessory from Apple is the $129 bluetooth headset and a dock is included.  Details for the headset are a 5.5 hour talk time and 72 hours of standby time.  The dock has dual purpose, it charges the iPhone and the headset at the same time.  The dock however, is available separately for $49.  The bluetooth travel cable which is seen on the left goes for $29.  It comes with a pair of stereo headphones.  The dock has an audio line-out port.

An Apple approved “Works With iPhone” logo is available for products.  This means that there are quite a few accessories in the works.  Unfortunately, there have been a few reports out that not all current iPod accessories work with the iPhone.  Some of the more popular accessories for the iPod may work on the iPhone on a future firmware update.

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