Jul 05

iPhone Battery ProgramThe iPhone from Apple does not have a user replaceable battery. The people over at Apple understand that most users will need to have it replaced within a year. Purchasers of the iPhone have been wondering what they are going to do once the battery starts to die. If the iPhone’s battery lasts longer than the one year warranty, then there is still an option. The out-of-warranty battery replacement program run by Apple costs $79.95 plus $6.95 for shipping. The turnaround time is expected to be about three business days. Three days is a long time for the hip Apple user, so Apple has come up with a rent an iPhone program. No word yet on how much to rent an iPhone is however. If Apple finds anything else wrong with the iPhone the reported fee is only $29.

People at this point might be thinking about replacing the battery themselves. Checkout the tear down photos all over the Internet. There are three soldered leads from the battery to the iPhone board so it is not as easy as most think.

For the small fee to replace the battery correctly, Apple is willing to do what regular iPhone users should not. Plus, by having them do it, you know it will be done correctly the first time. Source is Engadget and Apple.

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