Jun 30

iPhone FrontFrom waiting in line at Apple Stores to AT&T Wireless, formally Cingular Wireless, people are now enjoying their iPhones.  Most commentators on the news channels and web sites have said that the iPhone will take a little getting used to.  Most people will enjoy the glass screen but this does add more cost to the device.  The price is high but as is par for the course with most Apple hardware.  If you want the best expect to pay for it.

Relaunching the site on this day was no accident.  A few bloggers are calling it iDay.  I am going to wait until the iPhone has 3G Internet access, which may be a software upgrade to the current iPhone sometime in the future.  3G net access is necessary as trying to watch any YouTube video will be extremely slow.  The killer app for the iPhone will be SlingPlayer from SlingMedia.  This allows you to place-shift video from a TiVo directly to the phone.  Most Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices can already do this.  Even when using Edge wireless from T-Mobile or AT&T, video caches and displays normally after a minute loading.

 In the future there will be information on myself, the Macintosh industry and PC technology in general.  Thank you for visiting. 🙂

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