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NFL All Clear Policy

Get ready for some football! Starting this season, thousands of NFL fans will be visiting stadiums across the country to see their favorite teams play. There is a minor but important change to the yearly tradition with the new NFL All Clear Policy.Because big events like these involve tailgating, wearing team jerseys and bringing in team related necessities, the NFL needs their attendees to be All Clear.

The NFL All Clear Policy comes into play now before anyone makes it to the venue. Backpacks and coolers have not been allowed in since 2001 and this season a few new categories of bags have been banned. They are briefcases, cinch bags, camera bags, diaper bags, purses and a few others. Items that are ok to hand carry into the stadium are cameras, binoculars and smartphones.

Certain types of seat cushions with pockets, zippers, covers and compartments are not approved. While these new restrictions might seem the NFL is going overboard, the results of a poll to hundreds of female fans have said, “…it is a minor inconvenience.”

Increasing safety at stadiums nationwide is the NFL’s number one goal with their new bag policy. But it is important to know that they are not banning everything from coming in. A clutch bag for private items is allowed along with an exception for medical supplies after a regular inspection at a gate.

NFL All Clear Tote Bag Sizes

Clutch bags may be put inside of a large clear plastic bag up to 12” by 6” by 12”. That size should be big enough to accommodate many of the products fans need to bring into a game. People with medical supplies or that have special needs should call ahead to the team or stadium and then go to the gate that has been setup for them.

A second screening might be necessary before getting into a buffer zone area. After that, they will be screened into the game and attend as normal.

A maximum size for a clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bag should not exceed the dimensions mentioned earlier or a 1-gallon re-sealable clear plastic storage bag. In addition to those bags approved for use, there are clear plastic totes with NFL team logos available. Small clutch bags should be the size of a hand but no larger than 4.5” by 6.5”.

The NFL knows that the new All Clear policy is a balancing act between easy entry, fan enjoyment and security. They want fans to take a moment and ask themselves if the things they want to bring into the stadium are necessary.

NFL All Clear page

Games are only a few hours long and if fans need to bring in more than what fits into pockets, they are saying it is ok. They just now require the use of a specific kind of clear bag.

The National Football League is hoping that by having a transparent All Clear policy and large clear bags, fans can come and just enjoy the game. They are encouraging fans to enjoy themselves while tailgating and then to cheer on their favorite team in a safer stadium environment.

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