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Uniden R7 Radar Detector Best Buy Review
Uniden R7 Radar Detector From Best Buy

Do you commute to work over long distances and your alertness is not 100%, or want to know when you might be exceeding the speed limit, or to know when you might be entering a trap? Uniden’s R7 radar detector helps with all of that and so much more.

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I have owned several radar detectors from various brands over the last fifteen plus years. The amount of technology included, coupled with firmware that is updated on a regular basis, possibly makes the R7 the best window mounted speed monitoring gadget out there.

Driving on the road for any amount of time is possibly the least safe way to travel. Gadgets like GPS devices, car chargers with Alexa voice assistant integration, and satellite radios can sometimes pull attention away from driving.

The radar detectors that I have owned compared to the Uniden R7 seem like a kids toy. Some of the most important features that this model has are directional arrows for when possible important signals are detected and a GPS mute button to train it from altering you from false positives.

Directional arrows light up its large OLED screen, when the Uniden detector finds an important signal, so that your alertness is increased for possible traps. The arrows are color coded to indicate the intensity of the signal, from green to red. I never knew where signals were coming from when I owned other radar detectors. This feature alone could help you so much.

A GPS mute button trains the R7 detector to know when not to alert you and will make this driving gadget much quieter over time. I used to drive around town running errands and my fairly expensive radar detector would go off almost at every turn. If I drove into a mall parking lot, it would continually go off.

The GPS mute enabled button records where the false signals light up the unit. It also records what type of false signal lights it up. This way, if a real signal is detected in the same area, the Uniden R7 will properly alert you. Blind spot detectors on newer vehicles will not set it this off either; imagine how many new cars have those.

Long-range detection is important, when driving for hours, which lowers alertness to traps. Its high sensitivity on all conventional and instant-on radar bands helps to zero in on tricky situations. Its K-filter and Ka-filter takes out noise from the K and Ka bands to prevent further false detections.

Monitoring your speed when traveling short to long distances will save you hours of headache, hundreds of dollars, and your life. This detector allows you to set a target speed and will initiate a voice alert to slow you down when you go over. Maintain a safe driving speed by adding this gadget to your driving kit.

If you are like me and drive in multiple vehicles, this model Uniden detector is easily removable. Unstick it from one car’s front window and stick it to another. This company also upgrades its firmware on a regular basis. By making it easy to remove, you will not have to bring a laptop out to the car to do a simple update.

Monitor your speed for safety, save hundreds of dollars, hours of headache and keep alert on long drives with the Uniden R7 radar detector. If I had one of these a few years ago, I would have used it in other vehicles when going on trips more. The option to GPS mute false signals is the best reasons to get one from Best Buy.

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