Nov 28

PowerUp 3.0 Paper Airplane KitPowerUp 3.0 Is World’s First Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Imagine charging a small propeller kit, attaching it to a paper airplane and then become a pilot via a smartphone app. PowerUp Toys is poised to do exactly that with their PowerUp 3.0 kit due out in early 2014.

PowerUp 3.0 Kit Preview

Now in a Kickstarter campaign that has $139,478 with 2,678 backers and 58 days left to go, their third product version is soon to be a reality. Right now, they plan on building an iPhone app for the PowerUp 3.0 kit. So where does that leave those of us that use Android phones? Announced via Twitter, if they hit the $150,000 funding level, they will develop an Android app as well.

PowerUp 2.0 Kit

This is not the first time that PowerUp Toys has released a powered paper airplane kit. Their PowerUp 2.0 kit turns any paper airplane into one with 20 seconds of flight. This would be a good gift for anyone that’s looking to have some aviation fun. It also might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with their technology before pledging their Kickstarter campaign.

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