Apr 16

iPhone SE 2020
Apple iPhone SE 2020 Photo by Apple

Apple has announced the upcoming release of their new lower-cost iPhone SE (2020) on Wednesday. While the new smartphone may look like the discontinued iPhone 8, it has the iPhone 11 CPU and other important chips on the inside. It comes in several colors, along with a (PRODUCT)RED version. Continue reading iPhone SE 2020 Has WiFi 6 Support, NFC With Reader Mode, But no UWB Chip

Mar 24

Apple iOS iPadOS 134
Apple iOS and iPadOS 13.4 Updated, Photo by MacRumors

Apple’s newest mobile software released on Tuesday saw the public version of iPadOS 13.4 and iOS 13.4 updates for iPads and iPhones become available for immediate download. The biggest difference about how Apple releases their software updates and how Android does theirs is that Apple does not have to go through each individual carrier to get approval. Continue reading iPadOS & iOS 13.4 Released by Apple - Trackpad Support for iPad & iCloud Folder Sharing Offered

Mar 06

Aukey Wireless Unity USBC 100W Hub

Charging your gadgets can get a little tricky. Do I go with a USB-C charger and what about Amps? If I get a wireless charging plate, how many Watts of power does my iPhone X and above need? Can I get a charger that does multiple things? Aukey is here to answer all of these questions with their newest wall chargers and wireless charging hubs. Be sure to visit this link to my article on MacTrast. Continue reading New Aukey Wired & Wireless Charging Tech for Your Gadgets

Mar 04

Taococo Fingerprint Waterproof Padlock

Key locks are so 2000 and late. I have found two new biometric enabled security locks, for indoors and outdoors use. One of the locks works so fast, you would almost think it was broken. Be sure to visit this link to my article on MacTrast. Continue reading New Biometric Security Locks Protects Gear With Your Finger

Feb 24

Valley of Fire Chris Rauschnot by VegasBiLL
Photo by @VegasBiLL

The splendid wonder of the Valley of Fire Nevada State Park is like walking on Mars, here on Earth. The moment one enters past the park ranger building, an entire world of red rock is laid out as far as one can see. I have visited several times over the years, as it is a 45-minute drive from Las Vegas. Continue reading Valley of Fire NV State Park Highlighted in Latest 'Shot on iPhone' Video

Feb 24

Apple iPhone 12 Render
Photo by SVETApple

Apple’s 2020 iPhone lineup or iPhone 12 could get the new IEEE 802.11ay Wi-Fi standard, says the MacOtakara blog. 802.11ay is the next IEEE Wi-Fi standard from 802.11ad, which could incredibly quadruple the bandwidth and adds up to four streams of MIMO or multiple in and multiple out signals. Continue reading iPhone 12 Models in 2020 May Support New Wi-Fi 802.11ay Standard