Feb 24

Apple iPhone 12 Render
Photo by SVETApple

Apple’s 2020 iPhone lineup or iPhone 12 could get the new IEEE 802.11ay Wi-Fi standard, says the MacOtakara blog. 802.11ay is the next IEEE Wi-Fi standard from 802.11ad, which could incredibly quadruple the bandwidth and adds up to four streams of MIMO or multiple in and multiple out signals.

The new Wi-Fi specification in the 60GHz spectrum is at present in draft form, and it is expected to reach a standard spec by the end of the year.

Quote Block According to the reliable source of information for iPhone 12 for the next term, there will be possibly to support IEEE 802.11ay which is near field communication Wi-Fi standard. Apple will improve the data transfer speed between devices indoor mainly as a Gigabit WiFi technology.

According to Wikipedia 802.11ay is a type of WLAN in the IEEE 802.11 set of WLANs. It will have a frequency of 60GHz, a transmission rate of 20-40 Gbit/s and an extended transmission distance of 300 – 500m. Where 802.11ad uses a maximum of 2.16GHz bandwidth, 802.11ay bonds four of those channels together for a maximum bandwidth of 8.64GHz. MIMO is also added with a maximum of 4 streams. The link-rate per stream is 44Gbit/s, with four streams this goes up to 176Gbit/s.

What would really be cool is if Apple could integrate this standard with their UWB or ultra wide band short-range wireless technology. Imagine a future where an iPhone 12 only needs to be directed at another iPhone 12, an AirDrop file request is initiated and the file is sent extremely fast via this new 802.11ay standard. A single iPhone 12 could beam out videos to a group of other iPhone 12s at an event and broadcast them to all of them at the same time. UWB’s directionality will come in handy as a way to safely transfer files to only the people that you want to communicate with.

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