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AT&T Unite Explore Netgear Hotspot Review
AT&T Unite Explore Netgear Hotspot Review

Up the ante with the latest in secure hardware, while roaming globally with the rugged NETGEAR Unite Explore AT&T 4G LTE hotspot. NETGEAR’s Unite Explore secures your international roaming connection. Their design is so well received that it has recently won a prestigious Red Dot award. Starting at $49.99, exploring destinations and surfing the web worldwide is easier now with their latest in mobile hotspot technology.

AT&T 4G LTE Unite Explore NETGEAR Hotspot Unboxing By Bill Cody @VegasBiLL

Disclaimer: I received a NETGEAR Unite Explore AT&T Hotspot for review. I am a NETGEAR Ambassador and AT&T Ambassador. I have not been compensated for the review.

What’s In The Box:
– NETGEAR Unite Explore
– 4340 mAh Battery
– User Guide
– Wall Charger
– USB BatteryBoost Cable
– USB 2.0 Charge Cable
– USB Cable Carry Case
– AT&T 4G LTE SIM pre-installed

ATT Unite Explore Hotspot Top View
AT&T Unite Explore Hotspot Top View

ATT Unite Explore Hotspot Battery
AT&T Unite Explore Hotspot Battery

ATT Unite Explore Hotspot Parts
What’s In The Box: AT&T Unite Explore Hotspot

A rugged AT&T NETGEAR hotspot can allow you to:
– Go to a new location with secure WiFi.
– Backup carrier to ensure service in unfamiliar cities.
– A job that requires travel and a connection to the Internet. Easily expense the hotspot and its service.
– Get more 4G LTE coverage with its expanded amount of connectivity bands.
– Connect up to 15 WiFi devices.
– Make phone calls while on the Internet via Skype or FaceTime.
– Stay connected for up to 22 hours.

Traveling abroad with the AT&T enable NETGEAR Unite Explore requires a international data plan. Visit Pass Port Data to select one that will suits your needs. I found myself using slightly more data than I thought I would because of navigational maps in unfamiliar cities. I suggest selecting the next option up from what you think you might need.

This hotspot offers much more than an award winning design and a super long lasting battery. With an IP65 rating and MIL-STD-810G certification, it can protect against dust, shock, and water. Then there are the parental controls and content filters.

ATT Unite Explore Desert South West US
AT&T Unite Explore Desert South West US

You can filter websites and potentially harmful Internet content. WiFi can be shared and managed using a guest mode. That includes a guest connection timer that will automatically turn off the WiFi when their time is up.

ATT Unite Explore Netgear BatteryBoost
AT&T Unite Explore Netgear BatteryBoost Port

Are you playing Pokemon Go and find that your battery runs out faster than you want it to? This hotspot, along with a specialized USB cable included in the kit, can boost your smartphone battery too. Do your friends need a stronger Internet connection to catch ‘em all? Let them connect to your guest WiFi network.

ATT Internet of Things Conference Las Vegas
Internet of Things Conference In Las Vegas Sponsored By AT&T

There are some caveats to traveling worldwide with an unfamiliar hotspot. Be sure to check with AT&T’s compatibility index on the passport data page to see if the 4G LTE bands offered in your destination country will work with your hotspot. The hotspot may be rugged, but it will not work underwater. It is a good idea to keep all of the ports closed and in a sealed bag, if it will be used near water.

ATT Unite Explore Zion Entrance
AT&T Unite Explore Zion Entrance

You are ready to roam about the world with NETGEAR’S Unite Explore AT&T hotspot. Give your other gear a battery boost, connect up to 15 devices and stay online for up to 22 hours. It provided me with enough connected bandwidth during a time of unprecedented travel throughout many cities in Asia, Europe, Canada and the USA.

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