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CUJO Smart Firewall Protects Your Smart Home With an Internet Security Appliance
CUJO Smart Firewall Review

The worst feeling is when you boot up your computer or try to use your mobile device and they do not work. Then you think, “do I have malware or a virus?” Or if you are a parent and wonder what the kids are up to on the Internet. Do you think they will tell you what they are doing and who they are talking to? Wondering is no longer necessary. The CUJO smart firewall Internet appliance can help with parental controls for Internet access at home and it can block hacking attempts to keep devices safer. The all-in-one Internet gadget is available now from Best Buy at $249.

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the produce/service at a reduced price or for free. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


CUJO Unboxing Video by Chris @24k

CUJO is a smart firewall device and is specifically designed to bring business-level security to home and small business networks. This one gadget will secure all devices connecting to a network. It can detect and block malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. It is like antivirus for your entire network, but it does so much more. Plus, CUJO lets you control what your kids access online, to keep them safer.

Business-level Internet Security

Business-level Internet security starts with any modern router. Before the arrival of the CUJO smart firewall, individual PCs and mobile devices needed specialized software to block malicious software and hacking attempts. CUJO is different and better in that it works with modern routers to create a gateway between all of the devices in the home or small office and their connection to the Internet.

Their cloud service analyzes data for malicious activities on the CUJO. It looks at connections coming in from and going out to the Internet, or while transferring data across your network.

CUJO Smart Firewall Bottom Eyes
CUJO Smart Firewall Bottom Eyes

CUJO applies Unauthorized Remote Access detection, IP/DNS Threat Intelligence, Command & Control detection, Behavioral Analysis using machine learning, and additional security measures. When the service catches something, it sends packet statistics (but not full packets) to the Cujo Cloud to analyze device behavior and makes sure other CUJOs are aware of the attack type.

The CUJO guards every connected device on your network, wired and wireless. Unlike some network security devices, the CUJO continuously improves itself to protect you. It guards all devices connected before a router with or without Wi-Fi.

When the CUJO is setup between a DSL or Cable modem, your router and Wi-Fi access point in bridge mode, it will guard all devices on the same network. If the CUJO is setup as an add-on smart device, in a direct connection mode, to a combination modem and router from your ISP, their free app will help you through the configuration process.

CUJO Smart Firewall Full Eyes

The app will present a sign on screen initially. This is where you will create a free account with them.

Once it is setup in either connection mode, it will connect to the Internet and download the newest firmware. You will know that it is going through an update because its eyes on the front will blink fast.

CUJO Smart Firewall Top Eyes
CUJO Smart Firewall Top Eyes

Firmware upgrades are important to install security patches and to protect your home or small business network better. It is different from other smart firewall products out there in that it only requires a one time purchase for updates. Others may require a monthly or yearly subscription to get updates. I hope that the CUJO Cloud security service will continue to be included for many years.

Parental Controls

CUJO’s app provides many ways to control Internet access into the home for all connected devices. The app can pause the Internet for all devices on the network, set any device with timed Internet access and it can turn off Internet access to smartphones, game systems, smart TVs, tablets and more.

Sometimes families want to have uninterrupted time together during dinner, homework sessions or for any other reason. A parent or guardian can control when or if the Internet is accessible with the easy to use CUJO app.

Monitor social media use and enable Internet filters with the cloud connected service. This is to make sure you are doing everything possible to shield your kids from accidentally coming across inappropriate content.

CUJO’s smart firewall can provide alerts of changes to the network and remotely administrate device settings. The app allows for user profiles and offers settings for each profile created.

Connect to router, control with an app

The CUJO smart firewall network gadget works with wired and wireless routers, modems and routers as separate devices, combination modems with router capabilities as one device, wireless extenders or access points, in addition to the router. As mentioned above, the two setup methods cover nearly all home and business scenarios.

If you happen to come across an issue that you do not understand or need help in completing that last step, the CUJO app has a button for live video chat with a support rep. It is helpful to first watch their setup video to possibly answer your questions ahead of time.

CUJO Setup

With dual Gigabit Ethernet ports on the back of the CUJO, it will process your Internet traffic as quickly as possible. The newest routers, modems and switches have Gigabit Ethernet ports to move data between them at blazingly fast speeds.

CUJO Smart Firewall Gigabit Ethernet Ports
CUJO Smart Firewall Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports

CUJO’s smart firewall provides an enormous amount of functionality and continued protection online, for your entire family or small business, with a one-time purchase. Its easy to use app and setup process will get you up and running in a few steps. If you get stumped for some reason, the app can link you to a support rep via a video call. Parental controls should help to keep your kids safe online, restrict internet access, and alert you to anyone trying unauthorized activities. Need to provide technical support for the home network while away? The app can also assist in troubleshooting network connectivity problems. New features for the CUJO device are being worked on now and will be implemented soon. The value for what you get from the CUJO and its service, could save you hundreds.

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