Nov 15

Jessica Berlin and husband at BWE10 AdventureGirl partySaying goodbye to Jess Berlin, as some know her, this week has been difficult for those friends and bloggers living in Las Vegas. She’s moving on to do social media at American Eagle. She has done what’s right with growing Cirque’s social media and even making some positive decisions to change branding where necessary. Jess is one of those rare, real people, that does what she says she’ll do and does it very well.

Jess has connected with hundreds of thousands of people, while working as the social media director for Cirque du Soliel in Las Vegas. She has traveled out of the country on some instances, to connect with people for the brand. But she’s also connected locally to the bloggers, in her now former home town. Connecting locally is sometimes the hardest thing for brands and people in charge of social media for their brands, to do right. She has held many blogger events at Cirque shows, which has been popular with the local scene and the blog posts that result from shows have helped to get the word out. She has never instructed anyone that I know, to give a positive review of a show, she get’s that blogging is not always about Unicorns & rainbows.

Jess has been covered on CNET, among other top online new sources. Some of these news channels knew to contact her from, surprise, blog posts from top bloggers. Jess has always spoken with bloggers to get their honest opinion and worked to shape the conversation in the positive direction. She’s worked closely with traveling Cirque shows that come close to Las Vegas, to bring the city additional visitors. Basically, she gets the idea of what has been coined, “halo marketing,” and for that I’m impressed.

Las Vegas and Cirque is losing one of its beautiful desert flowers to American Eagle this week. We in the local and international blogging community know she is ready to grow and impress another group of people in the fashion and retail industries. Both happen to be growing areas in blogging. I wish her the best of luck, living in a new city and are excited for her expertise to shine in new ways. Thanks Jess for being awesome.

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