Aug 27

Yuneec Intel 60 Million Investment

Intel Corp. has selected Yuneec, a rising Chinese drone maker, for a $60 million round of funding. Based in Shanghai, Yuneec International Co. will utilize the funds to build hardware that will create new opportunities in unmanned aircraft.

“We believe drones have the potential to positively change lives in many ways, whether that’s delivering consumer goods or inspecting disaster sites. And with the coming addition of Intel technology inside, Yuneec’s smart drones can create amazing possibilities,” said Krzanic. “We’re pleased to collaborate with a leader in this important new space.”

Indeed the drone space is heating up. Amazon’s announcement of testing drones for automated delivery purposes is fresh on people’s minds. Yuneec could be in the running to work with them after this large investment from Intel Capital.

Yuneec will be using the round to accelerate products to market and development of all aspects to their business. This surely will include command and control software.

“With our deep IP and control over manufacturing, Yuneec is singularly positioned to expand the consumer drone market,” said Tian Yu, CEO of Yuneec. “Our drones are manufactured to be ready to fly ‘out of the box’ and ensure stable, smooth flying and video capture.”

Having ready to fly hardware out of the box, as they are competing in a fast-paced space, is important to satisfy customers and business partners. Look to Yuneec in the near future for unmanned aircraft drone technology. See the announcement video here.

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